Welcome to the world, Abigail!



One of our dear and nearest friends, had a baby Abigail! I really wanted to find something personalized, customized, engraved, and after much debate, I found these amazing puzzles on Etsy. Actually, I had this shipped to our house first, because I wanted to see how it came out. The puzzles come in a few varieties. This one is the 3 names with shapes, in pastel. If you didn’t know, not many places make puzzles with both lower and uppercase. I picked raised letters (the photo is with the seal packaging still on it, so a bit blurry), thought would be perfect for little hands. Absolutely, love! We must get Anna one for her first birthday! (Oh ya, I also whipped together a matchy card for the newborn bebe.)

Welcome to the world, Abigail. We know you will bring so much joy to those around you, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Mama Debbie’s Boobies Care Kit


debbie-7debbie-5debbie-4debbie-2Honestly, I wasn’t as prepared for breastfeeding as I should/could have been. Let’s just say I was just, all to horrified of giving birth, that I couldn’t even think that far. Oh, if I only knew, that giving birth was the easy part! With many lessons learned, I had to pass on my painful, but so rewarding newfound wisdom to my long-term mama-to-be, Debbie.

The Official Kit includes: Water Bottle | Mother’s Tea | Nursing Tank | Nipple Cream | Nipple Pads

If you didn’t notice the pink foil. Yes, foil. I just found a foiling DIY for some wedding invitations (see previous post). And obviously, I am o-b-e-s-s-e-s-e-d! Handwritten boobie advice, on pink-foiled tags. Mama Debbie, can’t wait to meet Baby Boy Chai!

Sam & Mindy’s Gold Foil Invitations


P1070804-2The Bride wanted gold foil, and gold foil is what she was going to get! When I found out how quick and easy it would be to DIY, I jumped at doing them. Hand-cut and hand-foiled, who knew a laminator and some fancy paper could do the trick? Do it yourself here. It’s not an entirely fool-proof process– paper thickness, line/type weight, color of ink, color of foil, but I love that there exists an affordable alternative to getting fancy printing at a fancy printer. By the way, these invitations, inspired by tree rings, were designed by Mindy’s friend. Me? Just cut and printed, assembled, and handed over.

Anna’s 1st Valentine’s Day!





Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year! We will be at our usual church service, with quite a few little ones. And we thought it would be cute to have Anna give our her first Valentines. Mommy & Daddy have been on a Hi-Chew kick these days, so we figured to share the goodness. Wrapped a few in mini kraft baggies, and topped them off with a personalized “Love” Bible verses. <3